How to attract a man on a first date – 6+ Simple Tricks that work

Sexy ways on How To Attract A Man On A First Date, Do this for your dates to be Perfect as you are…

You did have this man you have been on the call with for a long or short time and you have finally wanted to meet for a date out? Wow, this doesn’t matter if you asked for a date or he did, all that matters is what you reflect during the date.

With this my Tricks on how to attract a man on a first date, you don’t need to force him to like you or even tell him you like him, what happens is he comes to you by himself and tells you how he feels about you.

You have been with this very cute guy virtually, haven’t met before but still thinking on how to impress him to make him love you and he would say he loves you after you do all this.

Put out your best outfits

How to attract a man on a first date

Saying this I am not talking about putting on the best clothes you have, but you should dress to make him wow, put on something very sexy for a date. Just imagine if you were to be the guy, what you would want your dream date girl to be like, how stunning is she meant to appear.

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Don’t be in a rush and feel the moment

You want him to like or even love you, then you need to be available in mind. If you had other plans you wouldn’t want that day for a date so you choosing the date out you know it is what you want for the night.

Don’t give signals like you need to leave, what this does is to make him feel uncomfortable and taken for granted.

Wear your Dancing shoes and moves

I don’t know how to dance, my shoes aren’t good enough, these are excuses ladies use to maneuver their shyness.

You aren’t a good dancer? Then fine. It does not matter at all, all you need to do is to prove your enthusiasm.

Don’t make it a Rush

You don’t need to quickly move through all because it is your first date, make the date fun by taking all a step after another.

Feel the moment, it is your night enjoy it. When you talk and ask questions always listen to all he has to say, and hear all about his interest.

Don’t just talk without spicing in the flirty talks

He might want to start this or you would see signs that he needs to flirt a little, then you don’t need to rescind.

Or you might want to make the first move, don’t be scared to flirt during the conversation, you might want to end it with complimentary. If he feels the same at the moment he would tap into the stars.

Better Prepared than Never

Yes, it is the first date fine, but it might grow to something else that same night, it might be an hour after talking then it leads to the Room. It’s normal and happens on most dates, it’s advisable to go prepared.

How do I go prepared? You can move with a couple or few Condoms and whatever toys you might need.

Don’t drink to get Drunk yet

How to attract a man on a first date

Now, this is the fun of it all although it is your first date and you love this guy and want to impress him to like you too, he might happen to be a lover of drinking. Don’t push to forward by drinking too, and getting yourself drunk without him been drunk at first will laugh at you and could ruin the night for you both.

It pays to open up thou

You would prefer something’s to be unsaid thou, anyways I wasn’t saying you should let him know everything about you but a little would do. Just tell him a few about yourself, your life at college, work, he would also love to share his with you too.

Be a good listener

The goal here is to win him over or make him love you. You need to listen to all he says and give replies, that tell him you are interested in what he is saying and also him.

Don’t let it get to the point he happens to ask you a glimpse of what he said, and you are like sorry I didn’t get all you said, oops! That might hurt, depending on the type of guy thou, so it better to listen when he talks.

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