Do this to her she will want you more – How to make her want you so badly


There is a misapprehension we males have when we try drawing close to a girl we like and want to like us back. Some go to the extent of chasing after these ladies and losing their respect and admiration the girl or perhaps lady had for them.

If you do what I would be sharing with you in this article, then she would have no choice than to be all over you without you having to chase her around like some money bag.

How to make her want you

There are several working ways on how to make her want you so badly like I mean so much to the extent that all she thinks about is you and you alone.

Let me give you a shocker…

With these ways I am going to share with you, you don’t need to have those things you think a lady is enthralled to. I guess you had this crossing your mind, that you have to be a handsome dude to have the girls of my dreams come to you or be the rich guy so ladies can be attracted to your money and want to always lay with you.

Think of it this way what if the money finishes, what happens after that, she goes away right? That’s not good enough, so why not allow her to be drawn to you naturally, doing this she would love you unconditionally to the extent you might be tired of the love she portraits. Sounds great right?


I had a client who had difficulties getting a girl to love him for who he is, funny enough he is a wealthy guy and much handsome for any lady to resist his calls but it ends up like they all after his money.

I had to put him up on a conversation to know what the problem is, then, after hearing all he said, I manage to find out that he was the major cause of all the issues he went through.

Here is why – He barely communicates with the girls, Stays neutral when he is with them, Does not give attention and I told him how to overcome this little issue, I call it little because it is little actually.

Are you tired of beautiful girls you like just pass you by to meet some other guys just because they feel you aren’t in their class or level? if yes then you would need to read every detail of this article to get a different insight and see those desired girls crawl back to you.

Appear to be yourself

The goal here is for her to love you and not for anything, but for who you are.

Why fake it when you can have it for real? What you should learn is no matter what you do a girl who likes you would like you and stay with you.

If you are conversant with my articles I always make emphasize “No lies” because what lie does is to ruin a relationship that is already going well. If you appear for what you not, it is simply lying.

Don’t try to impress a girl living a fake life, simply because you want her to love you more. If she does not love you for who you are then let her go.

Make her feel like a queen that she is

The reason why you want her and love her is that you are attracted to her already. Here is the thing a lady is going to love you more if you make her feel special or better said like a queen.

Make her see the truth that you love seeing her around, and want to be with her.

Even if you give her all money in this world and you don’t make her feel special allowing her to feel her feminine strength, then you might lose her to another guy out there.

Be the reason why she smiles and laugh

There is a popular saying that goes thus, that most ladies and women are attracted to funny guys. True or false? True. A lady likes and loves to be around a guy who makes her laugh and forget her worries.

If you can’t make your lady smile most times and she appears unhappy with you, then you might lose her to some other guy who will make her laugh till she feels butterflies in her stomach.

You don’t need to have superpowers or have some imaginary thoughts to make a woman laugh, all you need to do is to find something funny in most of the things she says and you do too.

You can even sometimes play some minor pranks with her. That gives a wow.

Tell her good to your friends

Ouch. I love my things private, and I don’t want anyone to know about my relationship.

You don’t want anyone to know about your relationship even your friends? I don’t see this to be OK except you something hidden.

Am I the only one he is dating? Why has he not told his guys about me? These are some questions that might be keeping her worried and assume stuff sometimes.

At this point, she might start cutting tiles with you because she feels she’s not the only one.

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