A woman’s strength – Much more than expected you gave to the illicit person

A woman’s strength – Much more than expected you gave to the illicit person

Your care, love, and generosity towards others are what make you better than anyone else and no one can be you. This act of selflessness can’t be traded for anything and it’s what makes you outstanding.

Much more than expected you gave

But can sometimes be taken for granted

The truth is even showing all your supports and care towards a person or relationship as a woman, some won’t even care about it and just ignore what it is you’ve done for them.

Most times it gets to this point and you Might have it in mind to stop being the caring and selfless one, you just want to have a switch and don’t care anymore like before. It is hurting to see all you giving to a relationship as a woman, like all your care, attention, and selfless attitudes, and it’s like nothing is been given back to you, what you gave in isn’t reciprocated.

You accept everyone just the way you are

You are unique and special just the way you are.

You give an open hand to everyone not minding their status, backgrounds, or what have you.

The ones who were rejected and amounted to nothing and feel hopeless. But you have a heart for all to feel loved ones more and try to mend them up, pick up all their shackles and give them a new beginning.

But they also barely see these things happen and happen to him ungrateful and might even turn against you sometimes.

You will learn to bear to conquer

To be honest this is easier said than done. If I am, to be honest with you, this is the toughest part of it all. It is painful, unbearable sometimes, and even depressing to be that person you are and no one appreciates you for that.

When it gets to this point all you need to do is to remember you are just being yourself and showing love as required even no one sees and appreciates you, I want to urge you not to stop being the unique person you are.

I just want you to know that even if no one accepts you for that, there would someone sooner than later that would see all those good and selfless attitudes you show.

Don’t let your pure heart get corrupt with all the bad energies

All you need is just someone to make you feel better and loved. They are so many unfair people in this world and we meet with them almost every day and as we keep growing strong the more we face them, they always want but don’t care about your well being at all.

Some of them will come into your life and after showing them the goodness in you and after doing all you can to put a smiling face for them, they leave you shattered like you never meant a thing to them. Well, I call them fake people and they are all over everywhere. You just need one person to give you that genuine love and care.

It is always about them

This kind of person just wants to keep receiving and don’t give a dime to you. Their happiness is all that matters to them and nothing about you.

They see you too be bullshit but they don’t know they just play to be foolish, oops! So sad.

Despite all this happening, you wouldn’t still stop giving them your real self, the unconditional loving person.

They all come like a cute cat just for you to fall into their holes and later become roaring lions after you have fallen.

There is a saying that goes thus – it is not your job to stop them from talking behind you, but it is your job not to let it affect you. That is wise isn’t.

Just know you will see the light someday

Just for you to know dear, one day you will surely see someone to make you feel loved and give you all that you required.

This person will make you forget all you have ever thought of and happened.

Try to get over them and Move on with life and all that happened

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