Reasons why most relationships last 3 months – Reasons that would shock you!

It’s lovely to be In a relationship where both parties are happy and connected but it becomes creepy and even creepier when the Essentials that keep a sound relationship flourishing aren’t there, which happens to be the reasons why most relationships last 3 months. Many may consider these reasons to be normal but frankly speaking, I wouldn’t say they are anyways.

The number 3 (three) is stalwartly known to be a sign for completeness now in our modern world and from the days of our forefathers, some might call this some historical superstition. The evil once too also use 3 as a sum to their doings. well, this also applies to Relationships – a relationship is prone to end after 3 months or before here is why;

While having a conversation with a friend of mine(Nathaniel Grey) who happens to be a relationship expert, he said there are so many diversified reasons why most Relationship ends after 3 months and he said this with no doubts, he said not because of the number or maybe because many take the Number 3 (three) to be evil number thou – his reasons would shock you and keep you to your sits.

I can also vehemently say that my past relationships had this same trauma, not until I had to fix the patches myself and put a halt to it because I got tired of engaging in several relationships that didn’t last a year, everything then began to look like a curse to me but it wasn’t actually.

Here are the reasons you wouldn’t believe and might be taking over your relationships now;


  2. PRIDE


reasons Why most relationships last 3 months

The alma mater of many failing relationships out there is due to a lack of communication. According to ‘ Elizabeth Earnshaw’ of said “Understanding your partner’s inner world and having them understand yours is pivotal to true connection. If you struggle to communicate in a way that evolves your relationship, then over time you will find that you grow apart”.

Here is something I tell most of my clients – once a relationship tends to lack communication things will gradually fall apart. Most people call communication the Main game of a relationship, I don’t disagree with at all but I call it a relationship saver.

Due to one situation or the other two parties in a relationship can lose communication along the line, peradventure you happen to be in a relationship with a person who cants bear not communicating for a week there about, sorry you might lose it.

while discussing with another client of mine earlier this month he said he is married, fine but 2 months after his marriage he had issues with his wife and that has brought about no communication between both of them and funny enough they both live in the same house. Here is what I told him, which brings us to our second outline…


Reasons why most relationships last 3 months
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There is a popular saying that goes thus… “pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes” we often have this feeling not to be apologetic to situations around or we just find it hard to forgive each other not minding the consequences it can bring to a relationship you newly built or an old one, Sorry to say but most times I feel men tend to be more apologetic than women, if you have the other view to this I would love to hear them at the comment section.

According to “John .C Maxwell” he said there are two types of pride both good and bad. “GOOD PRIDE” represents our dignity and self-respect. “BAD PRIDE” is the deadly sin of superiority that reeks off conceit and arrogance. Pride has done more harm than good in several relationships and we all can attest to this.

To be honest when you begin to feel above one person in a relationship then you’re a step waving goodbyes to the relationship because it won’t last to a month, why is this? Showing to be superior above another is a great sign stoned with pride.

There is a simple way out of this is, it is to learn how to listen and talk less. This was something I told my client and he got angry, in his statement, he said – how is that going to be possible, anyways I told him to have and maintain inner control and agree to take all faults. A day after, he confirmed to me that it worked out for him and they are both in good and happier condition now.

If you both aren’t in good talking terms and refuse to talk, then it very easy to do just swallow the pride and on up first.

Next on our outline is……


Reasons why most relationships last 3 months
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The big question is, are you always too demanding? if you are then your relationship won’t last and would likely end in a few months. A demanding boyfriend or girlfriend is a person who for anything wants you to always dance to his or her tune.

I say this to be a one-sided relationship, whereas the other is more to receiving than giving. it is always about them alone and no one else forgetting the fact that a relationship needs to be both-sided.


Why most relationships last 3 months

You might not just be in love with the person in question, but just attracted to the person maybe because of the way he or she dresses or smells, or maybe have some sense of admiration. This is great actually but you being infatuated with a person doesn’t show until you get more closer to the person and you begin to lose the admiration you had for the person. The best way to identify if you are truly in love or just having a short term admiration for a person is by giving yourself some little time out to figure that out;

  1. Stop thinking about the person and think about someone else.
  2. Get busy doing other things.

If the above doesn’t solve the problem, then you are in love.

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