6 Signs of a Failing Relationship – it about to end if this signs shows up

I heard several said, no Relationship is perfect but to me, Relationships can also work towards perfection. There is an outburst of Max-excitement when you are in a relationship with the one you love, sounds good and feels great, generally speaking, it’s the best feeling ever, but we also don’t love to see those memorable moments come to an end or see the person we love just walk away from our lives without haven noticed it coming.

Now let’s go to the aspect of today’s article “signs of a failing relationship”.
letting go of someone you love is the toughest and heartbreaking thing a human will do, reasons maybe mixed feelings from a person or activities and reaction from the other partner.

In this article, I have detailed listed out, signs of a failing relationship, which also helps in decision making when to leave or, stay in a relationship. Being in a good state of mind is what matters to all human health and a sound Relationship.

Now let’s begin…


  1. Trust issues
  2. Dying S*x life
  3. Pretending to be always busy – no time for plans for the Relationship
  4. Constant disagreement
  5. Lost Love


Trust lost in a relationship is the start of a failing relationship.
An instance whereby your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriends cheats on you or you cheated, the relationship can be fixed and the trust can be brought back on a gradual basis. But not everyone has the same feeling or perspective towards things, to some people having the trust back is something difficult or they would rather cut a lion on the tail.

Also being in a relationship where you don’t trust your partner will cause more distrust and emotional insecurity, it’s better to put an end to it or try to work it out (i recommend), but if it’s not working put an end to it.


Signs of a Failing Relationship

Good s*x’ in a relationship results in a long-lasting engagement. Only a few happen to know this but I am not talking about young Relationships I strongly refer to married pairs.

once a relationship is going down the particle rain it may maybe because things are not going well in the bedroom. Both partners need to figure out what they both want on the bed and take the initiative.


once couples no longer have fun in a relationship like going on dates, playing games, etc the relationship is good as gone.
having fun in a relationship leads to a tight connection, more understanding between both partners, it also creates memories. I recommend all couples should go on dates, maybe play some video games and have a playful argument, it helps in a lasting relationship.


Being in a relationship where you cant see your partner as a husband or wife in the nearest future, or you cant see yourself growing old with that person, it’s better to end it before getting more attached and stop deceiving yourself. Being in a relationship requires planning for the future except you aren’t prepared for it.


constant fight, constant argument in a relationship shows the relationship is on a thin thread.
In a relationship whereby both partners constantly look for arguments to start up a fight then it shows they don’t need each other anymore they want to be out of the relationship. Bringing up arguments and fights is just an excuse to quit. It’s better for a person involved in this kind of situation to just quit, and move on.


A relationship with no love is the end of it all.
starting up a relationship with someone requires love and affection now where you are not feeling the same way to that same person it’s better to just end it and be at peace with it.

with these few things that have dropped you should be able to observe things changing in your relationship implement measures to make your relationship grow, last, and stronger than before.

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