Obvious signs that you are in a healthy relationship


There are several questions fluttering here and there in your mind, wondering if you are in a good and healthy relationship or it is just for a while and later end up like your previous relationships.

Maybe your previous relationships tend to have this same signs and later ended up an history oops! that isn’t good, well’ such can’t happen again following the guides I give.

Lately I made a post – on what you do when you suspect your partner is cheating on you, you might decide to check it out too.

We have failed to realize the signs that apprise and tells us that the relationship we are in, aren’t going to last for a long time or even lead anywhere, so great you don’t want to make such mistakes again by checking on this post. Congratulate yourself because if your relationship has this signs I would share here, then fine you are in a healthy relationship.

What makes a meal heathy is the proper diet taken. A meal would be sweet if the right ingredients are in place , yummy right! Then let’s look at those ingredients that portrait signs that you are in a healthy relationship.

Obvious signs that you are in a healthy relationship

  1. You feel to be yourself
  2. Solid communication
  3. Utmost understanding of each other
  4. Trust between both parties
  5. Support from both parties
  6. Respect boundaries

You feel to be yourself

Feeling to be yourself in a relationship means it’s healthy and good. The fact that you are yourself and your partner has no problem with that, bravo you cool.

There is a popular saying by ‘Andre Gide’ – It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not.

This is true to a healthy relationship too, if you are trying to impress your partner to blend to what you think he or she wants or  you just want to beat those high standards you think they expect to you and it happens not to be your thing, sorry to say but you might end up causing a big fall to your relationship Anyways.

Quick Tip – In every situation you find yourself just be who you are, if hundred rejects you for being yourself , don’t worry someone would love and cherish you for being who you are.


I don’t see a healthy relationship if there is no good or solid communication. When I mean a solid communication I am talking about the daily calls and chat with meaningful response. If you hardly communicate in your present relationship, then you aren’t in a healthy one.

The birth of a successful relationship isn’t a child’s play. Communication can ruin and build a relationship depends on how it is been used.


signs that you are in a healthy relationshipHere is something vital, once a relationship lacks understanding from both parties, it might sooner than later end. If you have a good understand and you know what your partner is capable of doing and mind all his relevant schedules, then you are in a good and healthy relationship.

The truth is many more relationships ended not because of they don’t have love, money or name it … But because there is no understanding in the relationship. Knowing when to react and how to react is a key relationship saver.

According to Jeffrey Bernstein   hestrongly believe that understanding is more important than love, especially when it comes to parenting and intimate relationships’.

You can love and care for a person to the moon but if there is no understanding then consider your relationship to be a down-throw.


There is a well know saying that goes thus

Whether it’s friendship or relationship, all bonds are built on trust. Without it, you have nothing.”

If you trust your partner and it is reciprocal, then you are in a healthy and good relationship.

In my past years of working as a therapist, i have many clients tell me how love is vital in a relationship, I always told them that the word love sounds so overrated to me, because many thinks love is the only essentials of a great relationship, whereas trust keeps looking and smiling at you.

QUICK TIP – A relationship with no trust is lost already.


There is a saying that relationship is no competition, it an equal race, irrespective if what you were before you met.

Walter Winchell said – ‘Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you’.

Is your partner always there for you to help you when things don’t get to be good around you? Is your partner there for you mentally, financially and physically? If yes then you are in a healthy worth relationship.


This happens to be a rabbit’s meal, respecting your boundaries must not lead to foolishness or abuse of boundaries.

Respecting each others property and decisions is also respecting your boundaries.

Sam and Jane – Jane told sam not to go out for work tomorrow and if sam didn’t obey , might lead to some quarrel. Eventually Sam later went to work the next day. Is Jane respecting her boundaries No!

No one should control you on what to do and what not to do in your relationship except for mutual understanding.

Sam told jane not to wear out his shoes for soccer at evening, but eventually later that evening Sam went out with his friends to have some drinks, so Jane took that as an excuse to quickly wear his shoes for soccer. Is Jane respecting her boundaries No!

At the second scenario above, some partners might decide to have their personal space and properties some times. Maybe you take it to be nothing but you can’t tell if your partner shares the same thoughts with you.

Bridging boundaries can sometimes bring about opened injuries to a relationship and might take a little time to heal, so respect for each other boundaries is highly important.

Meanwhile’ if your relationship is keyed to respective boundaries then you are in a healthy and well nurtured relationship.

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