As a lady have you ever come to ask yourself why do most ladies always get the shorter end of the rope in their relationships, have you ever concluded that all men are the same and they are just out there looking for any lady they can devour?

Truth be told, no matter how you try to sugar coat it or try to justify that, all men are not the same. The problem with most women is just the fact that they put more attention on what they want than what they need, most times they don’t even know what they need. Well, this isn’t a defect of some sort, it’s just a natural attribute of all-female species.

So the big question before getting yourself into any relationship is to ask yourself  “What Do You Truly Need?”


Toxic relationship


Are you looking for a guy who is well to do, or you are looking for a guy who can take care of you?

Most times ladies just throw themselves at a guy who is well to do and forget to ask themselves the vital question which is whether the guy is willing and will be able to take care of you, as much as you don’t want to be deprived of well being and comfortability in a relationship is as much as you should understand that not every guy who is well to do is willing to take care of you the way you want him to.


Are you looking for a guy who is every ladies dream, or a guy that you are his every guy dream woman?

As a woman you have to understand that as much as you want that perfect guy is the same way that perfect guy has to want you in return, are you just going into a relationship with the perfect guy because every lady you know will kill to have him? or are you going into the relationship because you know he feels the same way about you?. As much as you want your guy and relationship to be perfect is as much as you should ask yourself this question before entering into a relationship with that guy who you think is perfect.


Are you looking to have a fiancee so you can just belong or are you looking for someone you can spend the rest of your life with?

Are you just jumping out and entering into relationships because of the peer pressure of being among the people that are in a relationship?. Before going into any relationship always have your end goal on your mind, there is a reason for everything we do and everything we do brings about results, either negative or positive. So before venturing into any relationship always ask yourself “What Is My End Goal?”.


What do you have to offer (am not talking about sex)?

For every relationship to work the two parties involved must have something to offer each other. Nobody wants to end up with somebody that will be a liability in the long run. always have something to offer back in assistance, a simple compliment can do, a piece of simple wise advice is okay, are you the type that you fiancee can let you in on a problem he is facing and you will be able to provide him with the support he needs, either mentally, physically or financially? can he tell you stuff and he will have rest of mind that it’s safe with you? can both of you grow together in peace and understanding?


Always remember that sex is not the criteria for keeping a healthy relationship, sex is not a bond in a relationship, sex is just sex in a relationship, the only thing that sets it apart from all normal forms of sex is just by having it with the partner you love, in light of this, you should also know that a guy who loves you and wants to be in a healthy and serious relationship with you, will never demand sex as the basic sustainability of the relationship. if he does, then he doesn’t love you, maybe you are just too hot and he just wants to have sex as many times as he can have with you until he gets tired of you.

the priority of a guy who truly loves you with the whole of his heart is to find ways on how to make the relationship work out and grow stronger, he will also have the unconditional drive to make you a better person, all he wants is just the best for you, he will be proud to call you his fiancee even to his worst of friends, he will be open to you, he won’t just have sex with you and spoil you with money like a slot, he will protect you, he will do everything he can to make sure he doesn’t get on your bad side.


that is not just a relationship quotes

if you ever end up in a relationship with a guy who gives you ill-treatment, then you need to know that that isn’t the right guy for you, it might be hard but you just have to move on and find the right person for you.

Before diving into any relationship you need to be friends with the person firsthand before taking any further steps, this will help you get to know more about the person with whom you intend in going into a relationship.


The sentence “ALL MEN ARE THE SAME” is not a criterion for you to push away all men that comes your way, for christ sake the world’s population is over seven (7) billion people, at least we should be having a billion men (just my speculation), have you dated all one (1) billion of them for you to conclude that all men are the same.


There is a guy out there for every lady, you just have to search in the right place and with the right mindset of knowing what you need.

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