What to do when you suspect your partner is cheating on you


Have you tried carrying his or her phone and suddenly all you got was a shouting voice saying why did you touch it…..

Trying to deal with the suspicions that your partner is cheating on you, could be detrimental to your relationship and if not done wisely or the proper way it could turn out to be something else.

Your partner started wearing new dresses, kept a certain hairstyle for a long time and decided to change to a new one, doesn’t come over or invite you to come over unlike before, could this be that my partner is cheating on me? Anyways it might be and might not…

I will spell out those things to do to help you figure out if your partner is cheating on you.

Sam and Jane had been dating for a year and a half and now, they were good and happy in their relationship. They both had fun and served a better purpose of being in a relationship,

But all of a sudden Sam started cutting tiles, he stopped his regular games with Jane and started having ghost lectures and most times didn’t allow Jane to touch his phone unlike before, he even changed his passwords…oops! Could this be that Sam is seeing someone else?

Not certain but what if he is ….ouch! Still not found guilty until he is caught well’ let’s dive into what to do when you suspect your partner is cheating.

What to do when you suspect your partner is cheating on you


  1. Don’t rush to your partner immediately
  2. Get to talk with your partner in a calm environment
  3. Figure out your lapses
  4. Talk to your friends about it
  5. Take to note what you suspect


You still happen to be suspicious and not yet confirmed that your partner is cheating. Maybe because of the signs you saw and you assumed him/her to be a chest and say that right to them without concrete evidence would end your relationship or give it a soar that might take time to heal.

One’s you notice these signs, the best thing to do is to give it more time, try to be sure if your partner is really cheating or just decided to change…

Which brings us to our next outline – Take to note of what you suspect

Take to note what you suspect

I wasn’t able to look through his phone again and he hides his chats whenever I am around or your partner locks some sensitive chats okay this isn’t enough points to justify the fact that he is cheating on you.

Haven saw these signs and with what you have experienced, it’s better to write out all you feel isn’t right so all can be in check and have a solid reason to talk to your partner. This brings us to the next outline on what to do when you suspect your partner is cheating…..

Get to talk with your partner in a calm environment

This would help you to identify and clear your suspicions to give you a relaxed mind. After you might have taken little or more time to figure out what is happening then you can on up to your partner and hear him/her out.

When you start sensing differences in your partner that portray that they might be cheating, taking your time out to talk about what you feel is going on is better. When I mean talk with your partner I don’t mean you should start shouting and raising voices.

At the point, if pouring out your mind to what you feel is happening or has changed you should at best calm down while talking so you don’t overreact and at least hear what your partner has to say first before running into conclusions.

Figure out your lapses

Many jump to conclusions rather than taking to corrections.
So fine you have begun to suspect your partner is cheating and all things point to the fact that he or she is cheating, well’ love is unconditional really and it hurts to see your partner chest, the feeling is unbearable…… If you still love your partner and still want the person it very simple, just try to jot down those things you guys always did before and now it’s stopped peradventure it might be the reason why he or she is looking out and write out also what you do before but now you stopped.

When all is spelled out and your partner begins to see you adjust back to what you were giving into the relationship before he would gradually cut tails with the person he or she is cheating with.

Talk to your friends about it

Your friends are one of your best advisers, this is because they are much closer to you than anyone else, sometimes it happens your friends even know more about you than your parents do! In situations like this, it’s also advisable to talk to your friends about these happenings and what you saw that made you think your partner might be cheating. Friends will give you better advice and tell you their own experience too that might solve the doubts going through your mind. Having a different view of viewing some situations sometimes is key to a solid relationship and not just concluding.

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