Text examples on what to text her to make her love you – fun conversation starters


Holaa! My dear friend cheers on the new girl you finally met but you are still in a ghost mode because she doesn’t know you yet…

Most blogs will tell you, don’t chat her first or and simply just put out a call, blabla…Take a look at it this way, if you were to be a girl and a random guy just called you from nowhere without even knowing him and tries to play 50-shades of grey with you, won’t you be like wth.. like who is this guy right!

Well’ I won’t love you to have such an experience anyways, that is why in this post I will give you what to text her to make her love you.

There is a formula I will share with you, please keep this secret. This formula is called the Inducement game formula, have you ever thought of it this way, why are the girls drawn mostly to the so-called bad guys, well’ it’s not because they are bad or something but because they have a differed way of approaching a lady that keeps them ahead of the game and much steps ahead of the good guys.

Take it this way, a lady is been seen as a rubber band which is elasticated and would sting back, that is the force for the bad guys, they make a hell out of every blocked way. I know you might have wondered why another person got the girl you have been trying to date all along from the scratch, oops! It’s painful really but you just lacked some simple techniques these bad guys use.

This formula does not require you to be handsome or have beards or what you think the bad guy has.

Let’s get to this…..

The inducement game formula is kind of coded but explanatory and will cover with the text examples on what to text her to make her love you.

what to text her to make her love youAbove is the formula to keep her wanting to date you even if she’s knowing you for the first time does not mean at all, TLACD…

If only you could guess what this means I wish you 20 years of good luck. The TL, A, C, D is a forever formula that works for the majority of the guys on ladies out there. You know the good thing about this formula, using this formula you won’t appear too needy and the lady sees you be a high top player in the game and not just a novice.

man in white crew neck t-shirt holding black smartphone

Here is what the TLACD formula stands for, (text little, and call, date)……

As simple as the formula is or appears most guys still get rejected after texting her with the most enticing words in the whole world, funny right.

To get this formula and everything to keep a girl wanting and longing for you read about the inducement game formula.

Here are the text examples on what to text her to make her love you but before that let’s look at some very key things to watch out for while and before texting a girl.

There are various things to watch out for while texting a girl even if it’s for the first time or not…

Firstly, you should watch your grammar for errors and make sure you correct them before sending the messages.

Secondly, it is just okay to be yourself, don’t force what you are not, or else sooner than later you will lose it.

here is what you asked for and now you have it, text example to make her love you…

1. GUY; hello, it’s grey the sexy guy from the party last night ℘. 

HER; oh, yeah I remember, lolz how re u?

NOTE  –  This is what this does when you text her with styles like this peradventure you met her at the party and peradventure she wouldn’t have seen you be the sexy guy you called yourself but it is fun to her than chattinaske most random guy would do.


GIRL; hi pls who is this

GUY; it grey from the party

GIRL; kk…                                                      Now, what did you notice about the second grey chatting with the same girl, to me that is the beginning of a boring convo and she would easily pull out. To make her love over the text you need to do what the random guy won’t do, play like a bad boy.

2. GUY; Hi, would be at the fine road cinemas by evening alone, I don’t mind to get a company.

GIRL; lolz, I don’t mind too but won’t want to stay out late, might leave before you do.

GUY; okay, maybe we get some noon out hahaha…

Here is what I call the movie approach, you would not want to use this if you are not ready for a cinema outing thou lolz.. jokes apart this is what this kind of text does it gives her a desire to see you and an opportunity to meet for a first date, is that easy isn’t.

After laughing things out you probably would love to introduce yourself fine, then you ride it from there.

3. GUY; I would sue you, 

GIRL; why lolz

GUY; your pictures on social media gave me a big doubt why you wouldn’t help our country win the most beautiful.

GIRL; hahaha… thank you but u’ funny, but was not looking so sexy thou lolz.

Peradventure you weren’t cool to her before now or seem to be the boring guy all along, this text can give her a different thought about you and even leave her attracted to you if taken the same method and using the INDUCEMENT GAME FORMULA.

4. GUY; I thought I just walked past you now wow…..

GIRL; lolz how, but I am home…

GUY; oh sorry I thought you were the beautiful angel I just saw because you look alike.

This seems like a compliment, yes it is…

You are not just complimenting her alone, but also giving your chat a rebrand.


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